Velopalooza is an annual biking festival celebration that is fun, creative, social and inclusive by helping people organize bike rides and events in and around Vancouver. Commissioned to design the 2015 poster, the design aimed at building the events vibrancy with a bigger than life perspective. We live in a cool, urban, hip and diverse city. The colour and shapes of the design represented that festive and cheerful vibe. Choosing to focus on the crank and pedals of the bike to emphasize movement. At its essence, the biking community within the festival is what makes biking events move forward. Turning their gears while building biking communities through Velopalooza. It’s because of the people involved in bringing and attending these events that makes our city a more fun place to be, and that should be celebrated!

Design Services

  • Illustration Design
  • Graphic Artwork
  • Poster Design
  • Velopalooza